I am a satirical artist, a kind of surrealist, big; bright; pop; weird figurative landscape, sculptures and interventions, semi conceptual and deliberately diversifying in style and content using humour - to solve problems both pictorially and narratively. I like the absurd – the masking of the serious stuff in life to create an acceptable illusion.


I produce painting and sculpture: Acrylic paintings on board, often manipulated into forms outside of the traditional oblong; Cardboard sculptures and other mixed media playing with the boundary between 2/3D. 


I play with the viewers’ preconceived ideas of perspective, size and context, turning subjects (sometimes literally) on their head. There is often a play on words or a subversion of expectation in my concepts alongside my struggle to produce exciting compositions and relevant techniques in material handling. I don’t appear to have a consistent style, in fact I like to play with the ‘feel’ that different forms of execution allow. As it is so figurative yet twisted, I am greatly interested in what the viewer sees in my work in comparison to my own intentions. I am interested in forcing a narrative in the viewer. 


My scientific background is evident in my interest in how things work logically, and the techniques involved in the manipulation of the physical world.

Years working in the building trade as a plasterer and general building affords me with the skills/interest to realise artworks from a technical perspective.

Relevant Experience


Collaboration and technician work on several projects

for performance artist Tom Marshman.


Prop making, music production, photography and film making.


Professional plasterer for 8 years

General building work for similar period.


Semi-professional musician with various projects.

Childrens music workshops.

2018                Wimbledon College of Art

                        MA Painting Degree Show


2018                Lewisham Art House: 62 Hands

                        MA Painting group show


2017                The Greenbank: S-Cargo Show

                         Solo show of previous 2 years work inc. time in Marseille


2017                Bellvue Rd, Easton, Bristol: Three Street installations


2017                Commemorative artwork for the funeral of Mr. Patrick Joyce


2014                La Galerie Esdac, Aix-en-Provence: Challenge Artistique de                                     L’Esdac

                         Group show curated by Stéphane SALORD.


2012                York St. Bristol Three installations on a street billboard


2012                Disused swimming pool. Bristol: The Deep End

                         Artspacelifespace group show.


2012                The Showroom, College Green, Bristol: Inc. group show


2012                The Duke Artspace, Bristol: Suspension solo show


2011                 Oxford Natural History Museum: Incurable Optimism

                         working with neurologist Dr. Martin Turner and the

                         Motor Neurone Disease Association.


2011                 Edwardian Toilets: Toilet block group show.

                         Park Row, Bristol


2008               The Goldmine: 12 Days of Xmas.

                         A Steal from Work group show. 15-19 Stokes croft, Bristol


2007                St. Thomas the Martyr, Bristol: Plan 9 Contemporary Art Auction.

                          Auction of members artworks.


2007                Spike Island: Martin Kippenburger fries and a shake

                          Plan 9 group show     


2005               The Tobacco Factory: Snogs and submarines

                         One30bar: Two Genius’s

                         Pollock and Joyce two person shows.


2004               The Tobacco Factory: A Load of Pollocks solo show



2018                  MA Painting                                                                

                          Wimbledon College of Arts UAL


2002                 BTEC  ND Music Production                                                                                          City of Bristol College


1996                  B.Sc. Geological Sciences

                          Leeds University