I applied to visit Grayson Perry in his studio through the postgraduate scheme at Ual

They were inviting questions, so i proposed this:

"Is it possible, in this day and age to obtain artistic recognition without having the gift of the gab that has propelled you, from mere Turner Prize entrepreneur to National Cuddlemonster?"

A facecious question I realise, and unfortunately I didnt record his answer (dont purchase poundland mobile charger power packs). So who knows what he actually said, the general jist however was, after seemingly having trouble with reading the phrase 'the gift of the gab' and thinking that 'mere Turner Prize entrepreneur' was a bit harsh... 

"..I havn't always been good at photoshop"

But he did this using lots of words and mentioning uncharismatic artists, that unfortunately are dead, and so not of this day and age.