Inside Itself 2018

Acrylic on board

Nylon string 

34 x 16 x 12 cm

Appropriating in this work the art of Rachel Whiteread, I provided a dialogue between the artwork and it’s immediate surroundings. In Inside itself, the negative space of the gallery surrounding the work is portrayed as a solid form, with the interior elevation of each wall projected onto the exterior surface. Hung with the same orientation as the room, it says nothing but to state its own existence.

I painted any light as black emphasizing the negative as positive premise, and hung the work from the ceiling with almost invisible nylon wiring. With lines scratched away and paint chipped off to give the feel of a worn object, architectural in finish.

The original plan was to place it in the room and then paint its own position there, as does Andrew Grassie, and viewable on each of the walls of the 'box'. It's placing during installation didnt warrant this as a good idea however. 

Inside Itself.JPG
Interim show.JPG