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Example of my note pad...

Graf idea

Always had this plan to make a water contained glass tube that has a breathing aparatus clad helpless cat, raising up and down as it breathes.  At present I am developing some dioramas and I looked into companies that hire out a variety of stuffed animalia that I might use in Installation.

Continuation of the 'negative space' theme, referencing Andrew Grassie as well as Rachel Whiteread I plan to make scultpture for the Interim Show at the Lewisham Art House

Nice opportunity to mix different patterns

Need to get a macro lens for my camera, hard to capture the detail i needed. I was going to stick prints of these on my banana painting but painted the effect on instead.

The silent films made by my Great Grandfather contain some great personal portraits, they are obviously speaking and so I shall see if I can find a lipreader.

Is it possible to represent mathematic equations in art? as definition is all!

Love this idea of out of focus signage, allowing you to read the background in a false aim to understanding what you are missing in the foreground.

Thought of method, which no doubt already exists, of cutting up the negatives of photographs to create collage, should provide a unique visual texture once Enlarged.

After a conversation with my nephew, who has a completely different experience, i want to look into the phenomenom of funny wiggly streaks you get in your eyes after doing a handstand.

Photos Ben J.

Interested in the history of photography and its applications.

Muybridge lived in Kingston, where I lodge at present, lots of work with the capture of motion, hard (or easy) with the shutter speeds of the time.

Took 3D photos when I was young as was already playing with perspective then. These take the form of two photos take a variable horizontal distance apart. Going cross-eyed with the two images in front of you produces a 3D image. One could build a periscope to feed the input to one eye from a wider point, thus causing the brain to see the objects stereoscopically as much smaller than they really are. I quite want to experiment with these ideas, particularly in making some kind of viewing apparatus.

Wall under a bridge in Kingston I'm designing to hit