Sadie Coles

Wilhelm Sasnal,

Sleep 18 April – 26May 2018

61 Kingley Street London W1


Imagine yourself trapped at night, your sleep-induced hallucinations transferred in memory-triggering monotone and duotone imagery.

In this installation of 21 new works by the Sasnal we seem to be experiencing History, the ‘old idea’ coaxed from the communal conciousness’, but is it forced upon us?, source material is from a variety of media across time and Sasnal commits a permanence, rendering the subtle Lo-fi of old film or the fleeting details of a dream as if etched into memory.

The title piece Sleep is executed with the most detail and nestles deep within exhibition space. A still from one of Sasnal’s films it battles with intimacy. A short depth of field, and sheer size of the paintings subject – a face viewed from a high angle pulls us close, as a voyeur. Displayed as a subtitle however is the word ‘sleep’, this automatically places a new dimension between the viewer and the object, and that you are watching through someone else’s eyes.